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Should The Empire Host Mob arenas?

Yes. 5 vote(s) 100.0%
No! 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Hello all,
    I have thought of an idea which many of you have probably already thought of, but I would like to introduce it again.The idea is, a mob arena(s).If you don't already know, mob arenas are where you fight mobs, to collect gold bars, and XP that I think should be sold to make rupees.I came across this idea when I noticed some people in the Empire are getting "bored" of the "same old, same old"Mob arenas provide a sense of adventure, and pleasure to many. This XP would be in it's own field(not coinciding with TEXP)So, it could have it's own rankings, and XP.
    Tell me what you guys think of the idea!
  2. Great idea! I had just been thinking that a few days ago! :D I totally LOVE Mob Arenas. I used to go to an awesome one on CedarCraft, then my little brother took two cobblestone blocks out of someone's house because he was getting away from spiders, and I was globally banned for griefing. :mad:
    So yeah, it would be so epic to have a MA on EmpireCraft. Except, instead of just giving gold bars, it should give tons 0f other stuff to be more interesting, like sticks, iron, string, torches, diamonds swords, etc., and it gets more valuable the more waves you survive. :D
    I toooooootally support creating a mob arenz!
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  3. Great idea, I love the thought of this!
  4. Empire used to have an awesome arena server. Too bad no one went on it (besides a few people including myself)
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  5. Mob arenas would be awesome!!!!!!!!!:D

    I hope we get a mob arena. I also started a thread to see if we could get an actual PvP arena