mman2832, A late introduction

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  1. Hello everyone I am mman2832, or mman, or matt or brad. I own the smp.7 EMC Museum and am almost 1 year old. I am a twin (hence the 2 names) and am 17 years old.
    History: I first joined with 2 of my friends Writerofepics and takurashi, we had many fun days just walking the track and talking about EMC. After a while tak and writerofepics stopped EMC and it became clear that I was going to have to branch out and meet new people. Then I met Highlancer54, this guy is the coolest dude in existence and probably my best friend on EMC.
    Go ahead and AMA and I will do my best to answer.
  2. Question: how much r you have?
    Also, hi mman :D.
  3. Right now im kinda poor, only 50k. And hello to you too
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  4. What made you decide to be a twin?
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  5. Well in the woom, I was like "wow there is too much greatness for just one guy in here"
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