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  1. Hello My Name Is Steven I paly Minecraft i am new to the serversmp5 and i was just wondering wat is the best way to make rupees. plz reply. My Skyp name is also steven.milligan8
  2. Go into the wild for a few hours - bring back as much as possible.

    Setup a shop, and advertise in /ch t (town chat)
  3. But don't spam chat with ads, it's best to just say "diamonds at /v xxxx" when someone asks for diamonds. :)
  4. thanks anymore help wud be gud and if anybody wud like to come on and go to the wild with me wud be great
  5. go to community marketplace section there is a stickied post with tips on this exact topic and btw welcome to the Empire where the pros reside :D
  6. Yeah, no, that's actually against the rules. Empire commandment #5 says
    They keyword here being unsolicited. Unless somebody asks you for a specific item, you're actually breaking the rules by advertising your store.
  7. I would love seeing that enforced.
  8. me to becuz some people advertise so many times
  9. Welcome to the best community on minecraft. You'll enjoy it here! :)
  10. Welcome Mizzo/Steven. Enjoy your stay at EMC! :)