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  1. I purchased a Stable voucher while I was an Iron Supporter on

    1. Jan 2, 2016
      Player shop purchased 1 Empty Map - ┬žaStable Voucher from ToddV
      - 8,000
    Now that I'm not an Iron Supporter I do not have that extra slot. Does it get taken away when I'm not a supporter? I had to eggify my horse on smp8 today because it wouldn't let me put it back in the stable.

    Can I get my Stable slot back or am I out the 8k that I paid for it?

  2. If i'm reading this right, when you were an iron supporter you had two stable slots. then you bought a stable voucher to bump your slots up to three. Now you're not an iron supporter anymore, your iron stable slot gets taken away. You should now only have 2 stable slots. 1 for your free player slot and the second for the voucher you bought.
  3. Ah ok, I've been Iron supporter since I started so I didn't know you only had 1 free. I need to hurry up and get the rupees to buy supporter again.
  4. Did you use the voucher?
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