Missing Language File?

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  1. Thats my res and at the top in green is me /wild ing
  2. I have seen that today
  3. As far as I can tell, it appears for:
    • Teleports - /wild, /nether ect
    • Build/Use/Container/Move flag notifications (You don't have permission to...)
    • When you try and build on a road in town
    • RTS
    • Parts of /res info
  4. But why is it doing so weird??
  5. I do believe it is Aikar's fault, but he is aware of it. Bear with this minor annoyance till it is fixed... (Not to throw Aikar under the bus) lol
  6. It's like that because multiverse is missing a file xD
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  7. and when you do /rc, it gives <missing language file: ResedenceChat>
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  8. Is anyone else having issues with Residence enter/exit messages?
  9. They were fine for me.
  10. Enter my Residence at 203... Tell me if you get something weird there - that is the only one I experienced troubles with (it could also have to do with me claiming the residence during this issue)
  11. It's a bug with the 1.3.2 update.. Apparently config files can no longer have color codes in them and its causing the entire file to not load (so not my fault =P)

    I will be updating the code to workaround the problem for now tonight and roll the update out.
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  12. I've been having a similar problem. When I set my residence flags to the default, it says:
    "<missing language key: FlagsDefault>."
    Is a missing language key the same as a missing language file?