Missing Chunks In Wild

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  1. So I noticed this on the LIVE MAP,

    Went to investigate, and sure enough:

    Chunks are entirely missing. You fall right to the void. Also appears players have made bridges across but no reports yet I can see.
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  2. Have a few questions:
    What SMP is this?
    When were these taken? Are they still there?

    Try to PM a mod to get the quickest response to this thread as possible. :)
  3. I just checked. It's on SMP1 to the east of the main spawn, and they're still there.
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  4. Someone should make a wild base in there =P
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  5. Why not IcC? He is the one who made the holes to the void on stage.
  6. Lol,please expalin? :D
  7. Acctully it could be any Snr Staff member as they have WorldEdit

    Its always him, he's practising how to do it to town so only /shop will be there and then the economy is gone!
  8. Not fair! I was boating and didn't notice and fell! Losing my armour!!!! So annoyed right now.
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  9. How the hell do you not notice a HUGE hole?!:rolleyes:
  10. Laughing so hard Right now :D
  11. I was boating and then I just fell! I thought its just my minecraft not rendering then I fell
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