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  1. Hello everyone i have been playing this amazing server for about 1 week now and i have seen alot of people misleading other players there is one person who seems to do it alot, he says anyone want free eggs and then try's to get them to follow him to loads of chickens and then says 50r and you can come back here 3 times or 300r and you can come back as much as you want. I do not know how you deal with these time wasting misleading people, but i hope there will be somethink done about it. The person i see do it all the time is, vSKiiPz

  2. Barring any greater solution, which I can't see at the moment, each player can simply ignore people who do this kind of thing using the chat command /ignore <playername>.

    If you ignore people who do this, it will no longer be a problem for you.

    If everyone ignored people who do this, people would stop doing it.

    Ignoring someone is probably the worse, and simultaneously the best, thing you can do to someone who is so desperate for attention that they're willing to lie in an attempt to get it. You take away their ability to get any attention from you at all.

    (note that if you type /ignore and leave the rest blank you get a list of people you are ignoring... useful for when you want to unignore people)
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  3. Thank you Dark_Liz.
  4. I don't see how vSKiiPz is in the wrong here. He's selling you 4* times (for 50r) to go in and collect any eggs that are in the pen. For 300r, you can go back as much as you would like. If you don't like it, leave, go back to your res.
  5. Thank you PantsMcCoy.
  6. The point is that a lie (free eggs) is being used to lure people there instead of offering them the deal straight out.

    Lies aren't cool.
  7. I checked the guide and rules on the matter but I could only find "Do not type jargon, nonsense, unsolicited shop ads, or repeated messages in the chat." in rule nr.5.
    Maybe we should add "misleading advertising" to this rule explicitly so people know about this?
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  8. That is like scamming. like "Free diamonds" Then when everyone go there. nothing is there.

    Also in my earlier time when I am still new to multiplayer (And thought almost everyone gonna be truthful) I found a person on SMP3 or 4 (cant remember exactly. Just remember it have desert around main spawn which was dug out until justin use partial reset on it.) saying "exchange 10 iron for 1 diamond" then I give him 40 and he tell me to go to his res. then he go into a door walk down a little and log out. Not sure if he came back to scam other people again.
    cant remember his name though.
  9. I think you just need to treat anything thats meant to be "free" as a scam (except maybe dirt..) like you would in real life and ignore it. You dont get anything for free in this life...
  10. But someone does give for free. I almost 8 stack of sugarcane. and diamond pick. I didnt steal he threw it to me. I ask him is it free. he just say ":)" and walk away. that's my first week on EMC
  11. I aggree with K3nnz01 there should be a rule for that and nnnnmc1 u should hav taken a pic
  12. yea at that time i dont know how. lol
  13. Guys I think you should just leave vSKiiPz alone after all he is giving u free eggs because just stop and think about it for a moment you pay 300r once and you can come and get as many eggs as you want forever this means eventually you get free eggs besides who wants to read a really long chat message to then find free eggs why not just do what vSKiiPz did and just type free eggs then tell who's interested the full information!
  14. I Love free stuff!!
  15. They are saying there are no free eggs... is what i am gathering. That he says "free eggs" they come wandering in, and hes like "well since your here thinking about eggs, why not purchase eggs instead of me giving you them for free".. it is a low level scam. and most definitely a lie.
  16. The way I see it... Is that he is offering "free eggs", so you would think that he would offer you free eggs, but then he leads you there and says, "Okay, so, you have to pay to GET the free eggs", which is quite misleading in my eyes.

    That isn't free eggs, you're paying to get the eggs, even if you were to pay 300r for unlimited use of the pen, you're still paying for the eggs.

    That sounds more like a alleyway scam. Leading the customer to think he's getting a good offer, but turn it around on him so it ends badly for the customer, and the scammer get's profit.

    At least, that's how I see it.
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  17. I agree with K3nnz01, maybe it shoudl be added to the rules..
  18. ........
    but then its not free eggs.
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  19. What i am trying to say is that if there are people looking for eggs why would he type some thing really long like 'If you want free eggs come to my res and you can pay me 300r for you to come and get as many eggs as you want forever' it is just quicker to say free eggs though i do admit it is a bit misleading but it is no lie he does give you free eggs.
    Although it is misleading it is not lying but i have to admit vSKiiPs has tricked me before but it worked out great in my favor. He used to say free eggs and when you got there he would then say buy 16 eggs and i give you sixteen free so you are in fact getting free eggs but there are a few steps involved just like in real life!

    Although ISMOOCH it definitely is misleading but this thread seemed to be about how to get help from players like him but now people are saying that vSKiiPs is really bad and lies all the time.
  20. I am really trying to say what PantsMcCoy said because all vSKiiPs is doing is getting peoples attention when they come and find out whats going on they can either proceed with what vSKiiPs is asking or simply leave! it only takes like 2 minutes anyway!
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