Misc Updates 7/30/14

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  1. Last night and tonight I've done updates to improve some backend code, but not much in terms of features.

    Please report any issues here!

    • Fixed bug with Lock Signs creation from last nights deploy
    • Last Night: Made /p without any arguments work - If on a Residence, it shows the Residence Owners /p info, else it shows your own.
    • Tweaked Database Settings - This should hopefully resolve lag spikes caused by the database but could of caused unexpected bugs.. Please report issues to me.
  2. This brings the line "Taking care of business" to mind. Much appreciated Aikar :)
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  3. Third! This is pretty cool
  4. I always like looking at the update logs.
  5. Thanks for the work Aikar! Its appreciated!!!!!:)
  6. hey i dont know if this is related or a "bug" but i cant get on to emc it says connection refused but i can go on to other minecraft servers im not sure it might be my connection if anyone can help that would be great
  7. did you try turning it off and back on again?
  8. turning what off my router? yes i turned that off and reopened the game a few times nothing really works
  9. This is the wrong thread. Post your server problems here:
    Server Problems Thread
  10. The good news about this update - I have yet to see those database errors crop up again! (The ones where it could lag you out and disconnect you)

    Should of also improved DB performance in many ways.

    (For you technically inclined, we lowered the isolation level of queries: dbConn.setTransactionIsolation(Connection.TRANSACTION_READ_COMMITTED), which after review I feel is still safe as the only race condition we really should be having where a phantom read can happen, the first write SHOULD win, but shouldn't be happening anyways since you can only be on 1 server at a time)
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