Misc Updates 5/27/14

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  1. Pushing out a few more misc updates now!

    • Fixed a lot of bugs - a few Residence permission issues (If you know what they were, please don't say in case its not fully fixed)
    • Updated Spigot to include a new internal hopper change... This is meant to not alter vanilla behavior, but improve hopper performance. Please report any hopper abnormalities to me.
    • Fixed a major internal bug that caused the death message spam from Marlix and Momentus. This bug could of had other unknown symptoms such as not receiving tokens/items. Hopefully item drop issues with Marlix should now be resolved (The issue dealt with the mobs being unloaded then reloaded in a chunk, which is why we did not see issues in testing)
    • /staff now sorts by server
    • Added messages to EmpireTips to new players about the Empire Assistant, and added new Residence Signs about it too, to help new players understand to use the Assistant.
    • Removed forced website registration - It appears the sign up process may be too confusing in game - we will see how it affects player retention by not forcing it, then act accordingly. new players will still be constantly nagged to register if they haven't.
    • Improved the "Risk Gauge" system - Added a new Wiki Page: http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/custom-mob-drop-risk-gauge/

      This should help alleviate concerns about what this system is and how it affects things.
    • Residence admins now override the itemuse flag.
    • Tutorial now pushes the Empire Assistant even more
  2. First :D
    I'm never first. o.o
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  3. Thank you Aikar!
    Edit: So... close... Can never be first :(
  4. cool! nice work

    Now the name fits the intent! Excellent resolution and info about the system for concerned players.
    Glad to see this and the mini-boss issues handled so quickly. It seems like the tide of issues and complaints is about over for now. (1.8 is still months away)
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  5. Can I suggest not showing staff who are on stage with /staff ? There's really no way to contact them when they're on there.
  6. This code is shared with other stuff, and hopefully we will soon have cross server tells so they would then be reachable.
  7. Looks good :D