Misc Updates 5/10/14

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  1. Recently we released the player based difficulty settings update, and inadvertently made the Enraged monsters weaker than intended.

    Some players noticed this and reported that enraged were now super easy to kill.

    To compensate, the difficulty of enraged has been tweaked to have a little bit more health. Players can still play on a lower difficulty level to make them easier.

    Other Misc tweaks in todays update:

    • "All Player" tab completion that was added for /p (where it lists even offline players) has now been tweaked to only list players who've played in the last 180 days. This should cut out a lot of inactive names and help you find who you want easier. Also, these names are now case insensitive.
    • An alias /pay has been added for /r pay
    • /pay and /r pay now support "All Player" tab completion.
    • /r is now an alias to /currency, which has a short command of /cur. The command now lists all currencies a player has (Currently Rupees and Tokens)
  2. But but but it is not 5/11 yet! I never knew EMC was a DeLorean.
  3. Yay! Thanks Aikar =D
  4. ... Oops Fixing lol

    So use to doing updates after midnight that my mind skipped to tomorrow for the date!
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