Misc Updates - 1/8/15

Discussion in 'Empire Updates' started by Aikar, Jan 8, 2015.

  1. few changes went out tonight!

    • Many Empire Shop prices were adjusted to be higher, as they were found to be the same or too close in general to the current market price.
    • Fixed a bug that let players duplicate cactus.. Wasnt really a huge bug with no known major abuse, but the fix takes care of a generic bug in the code and overall makes the code behave as it was intended
    • Residence Resets now are done in sections, to reduce lag on the server. It should still take roughly 1 second unless the server is lagging or a lot of resets are pending (ie derelict unclaims)
  2. Nice updates!
  3. Oooh - market prices ;) very nice
  4. Very good decision!
  5. 500r diamonds in /shop - confirmed. Aikar is being Aikar - confirmed..
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  6. Expect diamonds to continue rising again. Really soon.
  7. Are you buying? Visit 12162, they are in stock. Cheap :)
  8. I am very happy to see this!:D
  9. Out of stock before I got there, FYI, and I guess 87 r is the new "Cheap", but thanks.
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  10. BUY! BUY! BUY!
  11. So we cant "Grow" cactus anymore? how are we going to get cactus then! (Get it? 1 cactus = 2 cactus over time which can be called duplicating it =I)
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  12. By going to the waste and getting a cactus?
  13. Of course cactus will continue to grow and cactus farms will work. It's just that it will not be possible to use a previously existing glitch to duplicate it.
    I think it won't have any significant impact, because demand for cactus is low - you can't sell much anyway.
  14. idk who would even want to dup Cacti, I have a Farm and i have so much idk what to do with it. I Dont even use green dye, nor cacti. :p