Misc Bug Fixes 3/2/14

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  1. Few fixes last night

    • Randomly getting permission errors on your own residence has been fixed
    • Improved /v open and /v random and /v +tag - now all checks move flag before trying to send you there
    • Improvements to /v open and /v random so /v open doesn't bug out and send to claimed residences.
    • Fixed the bug that was ultimately causing the ability to spam the chat with "completed the tutorial"
  2. Awesome! What is the coding program you used last night?
  3. From what i've noticed so far ...most of the people starting out making plugins and servers might use eclipse ...but the one's wanting easier integration, building, compiling, and dependency capabilities will use either Netbeans or IntellijIDEA ...both Netbeans and Intelli will be able to import eclipse projects ... they all are a little different in how they feel and look ... as for functionality they are generally similar.

    Edit: Personally I like Netbeans ... i've never been able to figure out how to get eclipse to work and integrating my netbeans projects to intelli I still haven't fully figured out ... so for now i'm sticking with Netbeans .... but Aikar and few other people on spigot like using Intelli
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  4. i still glitch through the floor when doing /v res loc to an unloaded chunk.
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  5. I really like Eclipse, since it's straightforward and didn't need any prerequisites, but I just downloaded the IntelliJ IDEA 30-day trial and I'm still trying to figure out how to import my plugins made in Eclipse into IDEA. All I got is an uneditable .class file with onEnable, onDisable, and my commands all in "/* Compiled source code */". Meh, I'll get it eventually~
  6. You would not import a .jar file, rarely can you do that.

    Need to import the src folder.

    Is the plugin built with Maven? If so you should be able to open it as a new project pretty simple.

    The biggest benefit IDEA has over EVERY other IDE is code completion and the sheer amount of time it will save you while programming, which is the only factor that matters in any IDE really.
  7. you should fix that, its bothering me xD
  8. I think there's a small error with /v +tag. If no res exists with the specified tag, it says "An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command" instead of just saying there are no res's with that tag. For an example, just type /v +asdfjkl or other nonsense and you'll get the error message.
  9. Ah, I got it now. I was probably clicking on another file in the jar. But I unzipped it via 7zip and went to /com/gmail/[my email]/[plugin name]/Plugin.class in IDEA and it worked now. Thanks for your help. :)

    If by code completion, do you mean the IDE offering you valid code options like this? That was from a Google search on "eclipse code completion," so I'm going to assume you mean code completion as in a smarter selection, so I'll give my feedback on it after my first working build. :)
  10. I still see this on smp6 all the time.
  11. There's a difference between lots of new players and this bug haha.
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