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  1. I did search the forums for a tread like this but could not find one.

    This is a violations of the rules of the server in terms of foul language. Hopfully we wont need a thread like this. But we might as well have one in case.
  2. Thanks for the report on that player, I have banned him. I removed the images in this post cause the bad language bothers me ;)
  3. Thats fine sir!
    Do we have another forum thread where we in case of need can post pictures of misbehavior or shall we use this one?
  4. Nope next time just pm the staff :p
  5. That's what I do. Usually they respond in less than ten minutes.
  6. Yeah private messages are great because I get email alerts that show up on both my computer and phone :)

    I am actually working on a better reporting system that will make filing reports a breeze and they will go to the correct online moderator :)
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