Discussion in 'Gaming' started by _Chia_, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Hey! I just came to the Empire I always get confused about things in the Empire well I thought I might ask if anyone would like to go mining together? In the wilderness that way I wont find a diamond ore just to get killed by a mob or two on the way. you see I am quite poor.. but will anyone help and go mining together?
  2. The gaming section is a non-minecraft talking area.
  3. well it depends... are you on smp1? or smp4? or which one if it isn't smp1 or smp4... i cant mine with you :( which one do you call home? my home is smp1... but i have full-perms to my bro's plot so I have smp1 and smp4 :p
  4. yay! but to warn you I am super poor I am not sure though :O about which one I am on I'll try to find out XD