Mining Tips.

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Do you prefer Diamond or Iron tools if un-enchanted (Stone?)

Iron 3 vote(s) 13.6%
Diamond 18 vote(s) 81.8%
Stone 1 vote(s) 4.5%
  1. Hey guys, I went mining today and had a blast. Brought me back to when I first started playing single Player and ALL I did was mine. Whilst mining I fell into lava and due to my readiness I survived. After hearing all of smp5 saying how they died in the wild I thought give a few pointers.

    1) Always have a bucket of water in the hot bar (Lava Hurts)
    2) Bring extra wood (Coal is aplenty so torches are not too far away at any given point)
    3) If you are going to go mining... wear armor. (Skeletons do 2 hearts damage without armor but with diamond armor you have a 321% increase in defense points)
    4) Don't waste Fortune and Silk Touch on Stone and Dirt (Common Sense)
    5) Bring Efficient food (Melons are easy to get but you get more food from eating grass jk)
    6) Try to mine in a secluded area so you don't run into shaft mines every which way (Actually go out into the wild for a bit)
    7) Go with a buddy. (Can hold supplies, hold your stuff if you die, and it is boring to sit there for hours without communication)
    8) Have Fun (EMC is a place where you express yourself in the things you build. Take the mined items and build something cool with them)
  2. cool! im scared to go mining alone tho, so add the buddy (who wont kill u by pushing u into lava)rule!
  3. Good Pointers, but I usually bring a fire resistance potion along with water if im going on a long mining trip :D

    And I chose diamond, as I need a fast game, and slow mining aggrivates me, thats why I use my Diamond Efficiency 5 unbreaking 3 pickaxe(s) :D
  4. If anyone is ever looking to mine, my brother Madcrafter200 & I are usually willing to go. We love wandering out to the wild, sometimes going to an outpost, sometimes just wandering out from spawn and trying to go to places people haven't been to yet. We sometimes wander way out, trying to reach the top (or bottom) of the EMC world. Sometimes we'll find a cave and wander down into it, sometimes we make stairs (great way to get cobble) and work our way down to see if we can find anything. We've found quite a few mines this way. Also found loads of diamonds. It's always exciting working through coal, redstone or near lava and finding a pile of diamonds just waiting for you to pluck them from the ground. :)

    My opinion, the most important thing to remember is food. Never leave home without it! It's better to have too much than not enough. Finding something cool like diamonds or a ton of gold or iron is not fun when you're starving and you mine them then die on the way back to the protected area. :(
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  5. I will go mining :D what server? I can't go on smp1 (busy on there)
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  9. Lol I don't mind. It's nice to see people go out and mine for the stuff they need and not spam the chat for it.
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  11. PROTIP: If you go to d1223m's shop on SMP3, and go to the little underground park of sorts, the farm on the right is available to everyone and will give you ~20 pumpkins (which I usually discard) and 32-64 melon slices, which are great for wild food. Even better, you just have to push a button! :)
  12. I have some more suggestions for nether travel.

    1. Always bring fire resistance ( 3 or 8 mins)- depending on the trip. For a glowstone hunt, 6-10 is always useful.
    2. ^Keep the potion in your hot bar at all times.
    3. Don't be too glamorous - armour is always nice but don't get too picky. If you plan on fighting mobs, diamond is great with the right safety precautions. For glowstone hunting, I would recommend Feather Falling boots and only feather falling boots, but they're not required.
    4. Bring a bow and a couple of stacks of arrows! - Those ghasts seem harmless with their tears, but their fireballs hurt.
    5. ^Use the bow and arrow on the ghast before stacking up to get glowstone, trust me. Knocking their fireballs back is pretty much impossible on SMP and they destroy the block under you pretty easily.
    6. DON'T SPRINT! - I did that once, fell into a nice bath of lava. If you don't hit lava, you'll most likely land 40 blocks down.
    7. When tunnelling to various spawners or fast travel portals make the tunnel just below the Nether bedrock - (The nether bedrock is ABOVE the world) Believe me, it heavily decreases your chances of falling 1. into lava or 2. to your death.
    Feel free to edit your post with this. :)