Mining in the wild

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  1. When mining on smp6, I've noticed that I'm not receiving all of the materials. Once a block is destroyed (i.e. cobblestone) the blocks disappear therefore I'm unable to collect the materials. It's like every fourth block that I destroy is when I'm able to collect the materials. Also, when mining redstone, I used to get 4 redstone per block and now I'm receiving only one.

    Has any of you experienced this or is it just me?
  2. Sounds like a good old case of lag.
  3. How do u come up with such replies :D
  4. Hmmm minecraft bugs
  5. I have a hat full of replies. I randomly draw 5 of them, then I throw a knife into the air and whichever one it lands I on post.
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  6. oh, i knew it
  7. Well I brought this to the attention of the administrator's and this is what they said: