Mining Etiquette

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  1. So I went far out into the wilderness and started mining. Thing is, I dug so deep I dug into another person's mine system. When this happens I usually cover up the hole with cobblestone, leave a sign and mine the other direction.

    Does this follow general mining etiquette? I don't quite want to leave the impression that I made use of somebody else's mine to get stuff.
  2. Well, if you ask me, if you find a mine, ANY ores left in the walls, is fair game. If you want to let it be, then do that.
  3. Nobody really has the right to claim a mine and keep it to themselves, everything in the wilderness is shared.

    Generally speaking though, if it's obvious that someone is in the process of systematically mining there, it's decent and respectable to leave it alone and find or create your own mine. In that sense it is more of a guideline than a rule.

    Personally I prefer to mine the natural way, by exploring cave systems, not by clearing out an entire cubic area.

    Yeah I find mines all the time with coal and redstone blatantly ignored, so I see no harm in taking it.
  4. Yeah but I like to pretend I work for a mining company and have to follow a system or I get fired. Also, I don't like creepers sneaking up on me in cave systems.
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  5. That's what I generally tend to do. Every so often I'll stumble upon a very obvious man-made mineshaft. I just cover up the entrane I made and move on.
  6. Whenever I stumble into someone's mine, I try to make it look like I was never there. Mostly because I don't want anyone finding where I've stashed some ore.