Minimum Tree Growth Height

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  1. I need the minimum number of blocks in the vertical direction that the following tree types need to grow

    Jungle Tree (1 Sap)
    Jungle Tree (4 Saps)
    Dark Oak Tree
    Spruce Tree (1 Saps)
    Spruce Tree (4 Saps)

    Thanks for the Help!
  2. google it...seriously :) you want someone to do the legwork for you?
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  3. It's not really being rude its just being honest of why should we do it for him when he can easily go to wiki.
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  5. But I put a smiley in there. :) Does that not count for anything? :(

    Pft, Ark likes to let others do the yards for him :) Question is.. how much is the info worth to him huh?

    10k, and i'll tell you min height of all trees? deal? :p
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  6. That wasn't rude, it was simply the truth, and the truth hurts sometimes :)
  7. Its called, i am a very busy man with my supply company. I have the money and it is just a way for me to get going with different farms to expand my supply company. If you don't want to work for me, don't do it.

    Also, I am not being lazy at all, it is just the fact that whenever I open the wiki, my computer freezes. I am not lazy and dumb. I would easily go to the wiki if I could! :mad:
  8. :D

    To answer your question: (hehe, i've had my fun)

    Oak - 4 blocks
    Spruce/Pine 1x1 - 8 blocks (includes 2 block leaf clearance)
    Spruce 2x2 - 16 blocks.
    Birch - 6 blocks (includes 2 block leaf clearance)
    Jungle 1x1 - dunno
    Jungle 2x2 - 9 blocks
    Acacia - 6 blocks (not 100% sure)
    Dark oak - dunno... i'll look for short trees in the waste from now on.