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  1. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but I just killed Momentus on lvl 5 and got 35 tokens. That's the same amount of tokens I get for killing an enraged zombie. Is this correct?

  2. A couple things could have happened here.

    1. Did you spawn the Momentus? If you found it, someone else could have done most of the damage already to it, which means they get the majority of the tokens.

    2. If you did spawn it, did you do all the damage to it? Non-player damage brings down token count.

    3. With each death you have while fighting, the token count is dropped. Did you die a very large amount of times?
    If neither of those happened, I would ask Aikar.
  3. You haven't killed a momentus today. When did this happen?
  4. i know 2 spots it could have spawned unless spartan has a new spot
  5. youre lucky, i didnt get any tokens killing a fresh momentus without dying a couple of days ago
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  6. Exact same thing happened to me yesterday, I was on 5 difficulty too.
  7. i would kill him on 10 and try to get the drops i dont really care to much about the tokens such as aikar said there useless
  8. First it's "they're" or "they are" not "there"
    Now they are kind of "useless" but later you can buy dragon eggs, sponge and other very useful things. Dragoneggs will let you claim land in the wild.

    And I would not try to fight a momentus on difficulty 10 alone...
  9. I spawned him myself and I soloed him. I did die 3 time though. I was just curious about what he's supposed to drop. Has anyone seen any guidelines about the new levels?

    I've been trying them out level by level. So far I've done 5, 6 and 7. I don't think you can really solo lvl 8. At least not effectively. what I've found so far is, if all you're after is tokens, you're better off staying on level 5. I've been keeping track and it appears that enraged mob token drops only increase be 1 per level. at level 5 it's 35 for enraged zombies, 29 for enraged skeletons and 38 for enraged creapers. In my opinion, the degree off difficulty between lvl 5 and 7 really isn't worth the 2 extra tokens. That's only if you're after tokens. you do get a better chance at rare drops per level.

    I would love to have a list that showed exactly what the drop percentages are per level.
  10. I just read that base rewards for momentus are 2k tokens?? I wonder how I went from 2k to 35?
  11. "Right now, nothing. However they will be the primary thing used for Land Claiming, Dragon Eggs, Sponge and more! We are looking to get consuming them for Sponge out here shortly as a mini update."

    That's a quote from the release thread. They may be useless right now but if you're smart, you'll be hoarding those tokens.
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  13. Who are you to tell me I can't answer people in my own post? Go find someone else to troll.
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