[Mini-rant] I need to vent on life ;-;

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  1. Hey guys,
    I would post this on forums, but I realized not everyone can comment on it...so might as well vent here. I will try not to use colorful language here, and I will try to keep it as clean as possible. Also this is a mini rant, so if reading isn't for you, thanks for you view, but get off this thread :)

    Posted early, lol

    So, the day after it was a long day of snow, I decided to shovel out my long walkway. So I did, with a few breaks here and there. Then when I finished, I salted the walkway so the excess snow melted away through the salt. As usual, I do NOT do jobs for free. In-game I go off easy, but IRL I get paid. So 2 days in my wait, I still don't get paid. I understand that I live in a poverish life, but seriously, 20 dollars isn't that much. ESPECIALLY when I want to buy Pony Island and Plague Inc. on steam, which in total is 19.98. Also not to mention I have too many bets to fulfill in 2016. Like the one that is going on right now, 2 of them at least. One where I can build my own PC if I raise enough money for it. Right now I got no money...and I need $1,311.46 USD. I don't think I can make it, and it is only for this year. And another one which I can take my sweet-ass time on. Making a text based console game on eclipse mars.1 which I am almost done on, just taking a while...anyways, if I finish the entire console game, then show it off to my bro, he will get mt Leadwerks Game Engine, on steam. I will make a game through that and it does use lua scripting. If I ever do finish this game I might make, I will possibly put it on kickstarter. Now why does this bother me? I feel like a complete social outcast from the empire and my life as a whole. I feel technology crushed my life and minecraft isn't making it ANY better! I just need some time away from everything, so I can recollect my thoughts. Now I will NOT be leaving empire minecraft in the near future. Nothing will make me leave. I just feel like I am not social, and it is depressing me. Also I hate it when I get tricked into working for pay and then I finish and I don't get crap. I don't work like that. I REALLY WANT TO WORK! I need money this year, I am not making this year be the year I die due to microsoft and technology as a whole. I don't want to make this year set me up for my ENTIRE LIFE! I don't want to make this year be the year that sucks of all the years because my world around me is crumbling apart!

    Sorry, everyone. I needed to vent, don't take anything in here seriously, I will handle that on my own...if I can of course. If anyone takes this seriously, please do, I need help anyway. And don't criticize me for this thread. -Shy
  2. I know the feels. Actually I need help too. lol

    Sometimes I pretty much think the same thing about myself, but of course I try and stay calm. My life outside my PC is kinda boring and there's a few people that I like to spend time with. At least when I'm on PC I got lots of friends to talk and play with, yet sometimes I think I need to focus a bit more on my professional life.

    I mean, ain't like I don't wanna work and all... But seriously, the situation is so terrible here in Brazil that I can't find a job. Which is why I'm applying for every single thing I find. I'm in dire need of money as well. But my objective is a bit different. I want no PCs, I want no games. All I want is to finally have the chance of leaving my country and finding something better.

    Plus I made a promise to a friend.

    Now about quantity of money... Well, if my calculations are correct, I'll need about US$10,000, which in my currency is about (BRL)R$40,000, to actually leave my country and establish myself. Remember when you said you needed $20 and that wasn't much? Only if I could say the same. If I wanted to get at least US$100, I would have to work 15 days. 15 days for mere $100...

    Still, I try to keep calm, because I know that someday I'll achieve my goal. So, if you feel like you can't make it, remember to always have hope, because that's what it keeps us going forward. Hope that you'll achieve your goal(s), or hope that at least you'll fight for what you believe/want. So yeah Shy, just have hope and keep your spirits up! The best weapon you can have is a smile on your face and confidence.
  3. #entitledyouth

    You are extremely lucky and well off, but you don't see it because you lack perspective. Your situation is not bad...it's great...but you manage to feel disappointed because your expectations are completely out of touch with reality. Go volunteer at a local food bank, orphanage or retirement center.

    Hang in there and keep taking steps forward. Where you are now is not where you will always be. It will get better.
  4. Congrats! You actually are well on your way to success. Just having a drive to WANT to work is a big step up from where some people are at your age. Now, as for the lack of funds to purchase your games, everything comes with time. Patience is something that a lot of people, including myself sometimes, lack. Eventually you'll get to the point where $20 won't seem like much and you won't believe how you ever fretted over it. For now though, work hard and be patient. If you need other ways to make money, try looking for other chores you could possibly do fin your house or other people in your neighborhood. That's what I did when I was younger in order to earn games and such. Lawn mowing, pool cleaning, weed pulling, etc are all things that people generally pay to get done if they don't have the time to do so themselves.

    The biggest part of it all: Keep your head up and stay positive. It all gets better with hard work and a bit of patience. =)
  5. It's pretty harsh to say it that way to someone that I don't know. Yes, it could always be worse, but to discount Shy's frustration with his situation isn't fair either. He admits that it's a rant from the start.

    It's always good to keep perspective on my problems so that I don't get discouraged and overwhelmed but feeling stuck is a process to overcome. I try to separate short and long term goals so that I can do small things and recognize their importance and feel a sense of accomplishment even when I know that I still have a long way to go.

    That person that owes the $20 may have already forgotten. Remind them that you are waiting for it and hopefully that will be enough.
  6. Totally agree! ;)
  7. I can't get what I want when I want it how I want it either. My life is awful too.

    Believe it or not, your life is not terrible. It's pretty good, actually. There are some people to whom the thought of even seeing twenty dollars is a fantasy, let alone 1.4k+ for your computer.

    Besides you also cited some positive/optimistic things in your life, such as game design.

    Keep in mind you have some VERY basic things you're taking for granted: food, water, family, a home, a working computer/internet, a way of making money... That's more than a lot of other people have.

    Oh, and this 100 times:
  8. Thanks dude, I wish you the same.
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  9. ThisIsShyguy, I totally understand what ya mean. Sometimes we just need to rant even knowing that it may be silly to others and even to ourselves but just getting it out is helpful sometimes. I'm so glad you felt safe enough to do that here where we, the community, would let you do just that and you could get on with things... after all.. you DID say you were just needing to rant. I for one am happy to witness it and take it for what it is and was .. a nice ole rant! ;)
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  10. Sometimes what a young person need most is a good body check. :) Some will give him sympathy, others give him wisdom. Hopefully out of the mix he'll end up a better person.
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