Mini Olympics

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  1. I just had the Mini Olympics on SMP8 a lot of people signed up but only 6 people came so I was bummed about it and so we went on the lighting of the torch was fun. The events weren't much but these were the events: Air Archery, Spleef, Parkour, and Pig racing! It was fun there was a little arguement of cheating and ect. but other than that it was fun, the prize wasnt much either the prize was 3k for each player (which there were only two people on each team). I went by countries for teams and not many people showed up so i let those people choose which country they wanted to be. The teams were Great Britan, Japan, and Canada. Talukegord and Funkyfalcon34 were on Great Britian, Suicidsasquatch and Pxsl2000 were on Japan, and Racer3451 and someone else that i dont remember. Right now im just taking all events down. If you want to stop by im not taking the torch or the stools for the winners. And of coarse i got the idea from Soulpunishers EMC Olympics. Here is a screenshot of them 2 of them had to leave so i didnt get the two. 2012-09-07_20.08.59.png
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  2. it was fun,i enjoyed it!
  3. i was raging so hard XD
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  4. lol everyone was!