Mini FNM

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  1. Mini FNM

    Since it seems there is no FNM tonite I'll host it, this is a one time thing because I think samsix is unavaible atm.

    When: 8:20 (unless it starts late)
    Where: smp9 (location to be announced 5 mins b4 8:20)
    What to bring: house and mining supply's
    (Also your fun attitude)

    Pm for an invite to my group ;)
  2. Everyone ready?
    Go to smp9 then head on over to
    /waste be
    And I will start heading to the site at 8:20 emc time
  3. Tonight* :3
  4. Can someone explain "friday night mining" to me please?

    i am a little confused :D
  5. Gather lots of peeps to collectively mine and build a mining outpost town and have loads of fun and minerals.
  6. When is it tonight?
  7. And is there a mumble for it?
  8. Upadated 2nd post and the location has been released
  9. Hmm get on the FNM one
  10. Last call :)
    Waste ne
  11. I created the post lol Hey now :eek: