Mini Empire: My latest expiriment

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  1. Want to set up shop without wasting space in your property?
    Do you have a speciality shop that cant get its voice out?
    Want to set up a shop on a different SMP without having to unclaim the property you already live on?

    Well I think I have the solution!
    I've done a lot with my res. A farm. A spleef arena. A parkour course. A shop.
    Well quite frankly I'm bored of it. I want to go live in the wilderness. Help build residences for my friends. But I need MONEY. So here's the win-win solution I think I've created. I've divided my property into 16 12x12 lots. For a low price, you can rent out these lots, and you can put shops there. ONLY shops. You make money, I collect rent, both parties are happy.

    But... the shopkeepers will have flags, what if they grief?
    The shopkeepers will be given a build flag, and will be supervised until they are done building and putting up store chests. The build flag will then be revoked. An access sign will be put in all of their chests so they can restock.

    Here's the sign at spawn:

    This is the spawn:

    And here's the state of construction:

    How does this idea sound? Good idea? Suggestions? Please comment.
  2. I like it and it seems like a fun little project :)
  3. But there might be griefers who will destroy everybody's things so thats something to looks into.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. Ill make sure that the shopkeepers are supervised until they are done building.
  5. Its a very nice idea :)

    I will indeed consider it!

    Anyways - your signature, smp1 2195 has 2 double chests that needs black wool :p paying 32r for 64 wool. (also other colors)
  6. lol yea its getting hard to keep up with demand, so im moving the shop to the new plaza so i can turn the entire property into a sheep farm
  7. which server are you on and i think this idea is great. Your idea feels like and looks like going to a flea market which isn't a bad thing.
  8. If i didn't have a res on 4 already I would do this, for sure ;)
  9. Thanks for the feedback! I was definitely going for the flea market feel, and I am planning on doing this in smp4
  10. alright awesome just hit my up on the forums or PM me when you open it cause i live at smp5 10240, but most of the time im at 10181
  11. UPDATE: The Mini Empire is complete! 15 lovely properties are now for sale!

    Slightly obstructed view of properties from spawn:

    The completed spawn area:

    Close up of signs in spawn:
  12. Sounds like a good idea. I'd like to set up a shop there, but what address is it?
  13. You better stay close attention to those renters they can screw it for everyone
  14. no build flags will remain with the shopowners when they are done construction.
  15. UPDATE: Properties now up for rent!
    They will rent for 150 rupees per month starting this April.
    The property is 9294 on Smp4.
    Personal message Karatefish4, Fr8ter, or (preferably) myself for more information!
  16. alright good deal, I can't get on until this weekend to much school to catch up on
  17. 13 properties left!
  18. Alek09,it's at 9294 and u can come now to rent one
  19. UPDATE: 7 properties gone, 9 to go! Here's some pictures of what changes have happened!

    Updated map:

    Roof has been converted into a teleporter!

    Res 1 and 5:

    Res 4 and 7:

    A new Jukebox that plays 'Mall'!
  20. What texture pack is that? Also i can toss you a Strad for that jukebox as well.