Minetrade Wild Outposts

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  1. If anyone knows Minetrade, it is smp7 based and I am unsure if it goes cross-server. Anyway, on smp7, north of the western outpost, is one in a swamp area just outside of the protectione zone and one farther into the wild at a snowy biome over a hill. There soon, hopefully, will be a desert outpost in the next biome. We are trying to expand so please build houses nearby but no dirt please :p. Tell me and CaiusDahLupus suggestions for our outposts below! Have happy mining!
    DUE TO IDIOTS, THE OUTPOSTS HAVE BEEN DELAYED!!! (Lava in winter, griefed swamp)

    I knew this was a bad idea advertising, but noooo, Caius had to get me to do it. Well this is great. You feel happy griefer? huh?
  2. You guys should have a base at the Last Light Outpost and you should use that as a halfway rest point to get to a distant mining outpost. That is what I do.
  3. Actually, we are trying to get a railroad system although it would require a mass amount of supplies.