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  1. Hello. i've opened up a mineral and ore shop up on smp1 with my babearino Monster_

    It's on smp1 at 2423

    Please don't bug me to restock everything, I will do it when we want too.

    About 9 stacks of diamonds in stock.
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  2. I like that quote i will do it when we want to LOL But awesome to see a mineral shop open
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  3. Bumparino restockedarino
    +Lowered some prices
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  4. bumparino. diamonds in stock
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  5. I'll have to visit.
  6. Don't bother. It's out. He'll restock when he wants to.
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  7. bump. restocked
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  8. bump
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  9. great prices holy wow.
    ps i like your profile picture
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  10. Bumperino
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  11. wow great shop
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  12. Thanks :)
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  13. haha, about those diamonds :rolleyes:
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