Mineral Abyss

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Would you like the coordinates?

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  1. Yep. That's what I'm calling this cavern: Mineral Abyss of the Northern Pole I found while randomly walking. I fell in and survived with 4 hearts. There was about 24 iron there, and I still left some in. (On SMP2 Wilderness):D

  2. Not trying to bum you out but 24 iron is not that good. :/
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  3. I'm saying that I left a HUGE chunk of it open. I only grabbed enough iron for subsistence
  4. True I usually find 64+ iron ore.

    Now 24 DIAMOND would be awesome!! :)
  5. *yawn* I could find 48 if I wanted to, but I'm too lazy to dig a 8000+ block tunnel for that