Miner Mining the Mines

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  1. Hello all, new to the server and I am already impressed greatly. I have been through many others, however this one seems different because it is functional and easy to understand. A rarity among minecraft servers. I am 24, an actual geologist, and fell in love with this game since first contact. Thanks to all that have made this game and server possible.

    EK aka WonkaTime
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  2. Welcome to EMC!! How did you find EMC? Also make sure to stop by my shop at 8017 on smp4 :D
  3. Hello there! Welcome to Minecraft hel.. I mean EMC, glad you joined us! He he...
  4. welcome! earn up those trophy points to become a "member"!
  5. Glad to have you, and thanks for appreciating what we worked so hard to build :) I know what you mean, the first 5 minutes of this game sent me into a downward spiral of addiction!
  6. Welcome to EMC, glad you had found somewhere to settle down after searching through so many other servers. Any questions at all don't hesitate to ask, we try to make the servers as fun, safe and reliable as possible, and we have the best administrators around. :)
  7. Thanks guys, seriously great to be responded too by so many higher-ups so quickly, it makes you feel right at home...(i promised i wouldn't cry..wwwaaaa). Anyway, I will be donating soon because this server is the tops. Thanks again, and come and visit if you like, i am on smp4 (but dont expect to be to wowed, I am the adventurer type and in it for the hunt)
    Thanks again to a great staff
    EK aka WonkaTime
  8. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  9. Man I wish I had the money to support right now.. Im soo broke ): anyways welcome to the server EMC always been my favorite even though I try to go to another server I always seem to come back to this one :D.
  10. I know exavtly what you mean!!!