Miner Mart Franchises now Avalible

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  1. Hello again EMC,
    I would now like to introduce Miner Mart. Miner Mart is a large store that sells everything from logs to enchanted diamond picks. We offer two types of Miner Mart franchise; a major franchise which sells everything or an outlet which sells only selected items chosen by the franchise owner. Franchise costs are as follows:
    Miner Mart Major Franchise: 500r per week or 20,000r forever
    Miner Mart Outlet Franchise: 200r per week or 5,500r forever

    If you are interested in a franchise please fill out this form and read this info document.

    Miner Mart Major Franchises
    Smp1 – Franchise Available
    Smp2 – Owner Needed (location has been decided)
    Smp3 – Franchise Available
    Smp4 – Franchise Available
    Smp5 – Franchise Available
    Smp6 – Franchise Available
    Smp7 – Owner: mba2012 Location:15243
    Smp8 – Owner Needed (location has been decided)
    Smp9 – Franchise Available
    Utopia- Franchise Available

    For more info please pm me for visit 15243 on smp7.
  2. Checkout our #1 ranked megashop at smp9 19333 and tell me what u think :)
  3. Unm, you might want to talk to minermanjacob on smp2 about that name..
    Things could get confusing.