Miner Co. Pre Relaunch Discussion

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  1. Hey everyone!

    As some of you may know Miner Co. will be relaunched soon. And I want people to have a say in the way we operate. In this thread please post any comments and suggestions you have on how Miner Co. will operate in the future. Also post here what you expect from Miner Co. Also some senior admin positions will become available soon so keep an eye out for those.

  2. Bump? I want people to post as I can't relaunch Miner Co. without the communities input!
  3. (This is my personal opinion as Co Owner) We should make it so that if you donate to the company, you get premium features in our services. Just a random thought I had during my English class :p
  4. So instead of rehearsing you were thinking about Miner Co. And you say I get distracted. lol.
  5. i was multitasking.
    but back onto Miner Co

  6. I like the idea of donations, but price list? and something my res is boring 9140 i want more on it!! i have 3 people working on my hotel 1 i supply 2 they supply. Do you supply? do you work fast?
  7. Nothing official yet. I can supply but it will cost you more and take more time and due to current RL commitments I will not be working fast. Wait 3-4 weeks and I can probably work much faster etc.
  8. Also what exactly would the perfect service for you be?
  9. for me? someone who supplies does it fast and cheap
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  10. fair enough. Do you have a rough idea what you want us to supply you with?
  11. Everything :p I dont really like to supply but something such as wool/stone brick (people building my hotel are using) I would try to help with its not the best material to use, being not cheap
  12. Weird. we just HAPPEN to have a huge amount of stone bricks xD.
  13. really? Wanna sell them me?
  14. Unfortunately, miner co is not yet relaunched, and everything is a bit up in the air at the moment. However, I'm happy to sell up to 4 stacks to you. name your price. (if you want a fifth stack, I can get one, but it may take a little longer :) ) plus, I'm in the wild at the moment, so I will need to come back to town.
  15. I dont like offering make me a price not too much though!! :p