Miner Co. In need of suppliers

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  1. Hello..
    Miner Co. is currently in need of people to gather supplies for our franchises and for construction works. If you are interested please fill out this form. You will be paid by Miner Co. depending on what you deliver. We are currently looking for people to find a location, build and run our wilderness base camps. I will pm an info document to you if your are accepted as a supplier.
  2. if im joining, u gotta pay atleast 45r for each diamond.
  3. I was thinking of something like 50-80r per diamond.
  4. 45 sounds good.
  5. What server are you on? I may be able to help out and donate a bit.
  6. I'm on smp7. You can be a supplier on any server except Utopia at the moment. But fell free to come to 15243 on smp7 to donate. Come with glass as I need donations of glass a chest is set up for people to donate glass. Rupees (lots of them) would be good too.