Miner Co. Fundraiser

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by mba2012, May 30, 2012.

  1. Ok. The fundraiser has been cancelled I will refund everyone who purchased tickets.
  2. If you enter you get the chance of winning some of those items. For every ticket you buy you must pay 10r to me. All money goes to Miner Co.
  3. *bump, bump*
    I could do this all day. But it is for a good cause.
  4. I thought I may do another bump.
  5. No more bumps please. I think people want to get something out of this that has a garuntee. Maybe just sell the picks and other items for cash?
  6. I could but I like the idea of a raffle. It is fun. Ok. No more bumps for a while.
  7. Sell them its better!
  8. Ok. I may as well sell them and refund the people that bought tickets. I may auction them off if I enchant them.
  9. Yeah sounds like a plan
  10. The items will be ready soon.
  11. Cool also have you got to the tree farm yet?
  12. No I have not got to the tree farm yet. I am a little busy at the moment.