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    Hello there it's me bringing you a chance to win big prizes!
    Inspired by WipeOut MineOut is just like it but with obsticle courses posible in minecraft.
    Please Sign Up to compete in it and also watch it on www.twitch.tv/emc_tv
    Here is how it goes
    12 people, 6 on each team go on Stage 1 where they must do parkour then go on the Nope machine which then they must climb a ladder and go down the slide to where they parkour to the finish line.
    Stage 1: 731 *Special Thanks to Bucky291 for letting my use his res)
    Stage 2: *I need someone to let me use their res*
    Stage 3: *Sneeker134*

    Week 1:
    Blue Team:NINJATTILE , sneeker134, nickjwolfe , TheTrufflehunter , SecretAznEks , creeper3846 They didn't make it or they lost! We will see them in week 2.
    Red Team:jay_the_miner , theepic5 , Dragon_bloom, Runningrhino, Xspartand15X They all got 250r each and are advancing to stage 2!
    1st Place:
    2nd Place:
    3rd place:
    Sponsors: *NINJATTILA-1,500r, nfell2009 - 2,000r
    Week 2
    Blue Team:NINJATTILE , sneeker134, nickjwolfe , TheTrufflehunter , SecretAznEks ,creeper3846
    Red Team:MikeGuy2225 , TheEpic5 , IamSaj , moyaboya , DogRNice , nfell2009
  2. Sounds like fun count me in and for prizes I can donate 1.5k
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  3. awesome.
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  4. The Batman would like to join as well (Minecraft name: Mikeguy2225)
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  5. Count me in.
  6. Bring it batman
  7. Ohhhhhhh taunting I see, okay put me on red so I can teach this guy a lesson :D
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  8. You can use my res on SMP1, 1104. But if I catch you griefings..... WATCH YO BACK!
  9. You have other stuff in that res?
    Thanks but The Stadium takes up the whole 60x60 area even with most of the stuff underground.
  10. Team Red please. I'm with Mr.Batman over there
  11. Dude. There you have like, a 50x50. That isn't good enough?
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  12. blue please. both weeks if possible :D
  13. Blue, Week 1.
    Maybe, like the real wipeout, we could have specialized teams, like 'Nerds vs. Hotties', except with 'Diamond vs. Iron' or 'Creepers vs. Slimes'
  14. could i be on blue team both weeks if allowed but if not i would like to do the first week
  15. I am the hottie. Just sayin.
  16. Thats for later when we have people begging to be a contestant.
  17. Jean, my lot is almos empty. HOW DOES YOU NOT HAVE ANY SPACE?
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  18. and when is the first event