MineMart is looking for a bussiness partner...

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  1. Heyo! this is claytonmeercat speaking for mine mart.Well i have been wonedering if any one wanted
    to be in partnership.I thought it would be really good because Then the shop that i choose and my
    self will make more money.My idea of partnership is you help supply each other with certain things
    and advertise each others shops. I am looking for a partner that makes some money by him/her
    self.well thank you for lisening

    Yours Sincerily
    Claytonmeercat :p
  2. What server are you one? Im on smp6 @ 12534 and I am looking for a partnership just like you :p
    My shop is prety big, 5 floors, and quite often I struggle to keep everything stock so this would be a great oppotunity :)
  3. so sorry. smp5 :(
  4. Why are you sorry? That works great! You can have a MineMart on 2 servers :D
  5. oh yeah. well it's a deal.Thank you for accepting :p
  6. I want to join im on smp5 to!
  7. well...i ill think come to 11001 when you see me online
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  8. Ok but in wich time zone do you live? I +1 hour. And ok I'll come when I see you!