Minecraft's Server Updates

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  1. As of October 23, 2012 @ 02:45:31 UTC

    Skin server can't decide if it's on or off, website looks like it's going to be down for the next few hours, and Mollstam has been left alone to fix some issues with the login server.

    Login server and session server are OK though and have been for the past 4 hours. Some issues remain in some places around the world, but I expect they'll be fixed soon.

    Want some live updates? Check here:
  2. is this your server?
  3. Lol, no. I made this when Amazon's servers had just gone back up and Minecraft was stuttering with the skin server and such.
  4. Damn skin servers
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  5. Skin servers are down...
    Steve's everywhere!
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  6. I love being Steve, He's so handsome and well dressed.
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  7. Even if he is a little scruffy.
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  8. Hehe:)
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