Minecraftch Can't Login To The Forums And He Needs Help :0

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by ArtemisV, May 24, 2012.

  1. Title pretty much explains it. He kept asking in chat and at first I didn't understand, but apparently he tried to use the "Forgot Password" option several times and never received the email, he claimed that he waited one day and then tried a few more times.

    I asked him to try to log on as a guest but he didn't know how, and to be perfectly honest, I stay logged in and don't remember my password, sooo, I don't want to log out and try.

    I figured I would ask for him since he can't access the forums. :0
  2. Who is it? If it is MetropolisXI he got permanently banned from the site.
  3. His name is Minecraftch.
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  4. Please consider PM'ing Icecreamcow with the topic, i think he may have recieved the email but it is on the spam box or something.
  5. Yeah, check your spam. The same thing happened with my friend, it got put in the autospam folder.