Minecraft: XBOX 360 Edition - Release Date ANNOUNCED!

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  1. Here is the factual information, straight from the XBLA and Mojang teams!

    Release Date for MCX360 Revealed

    For those of you waiting for the official release date of the upcoming console port, wait no longer - Minecraft will be available on XBLA on May 9th, 2012. It will cost 1,600 points. Awesome!
  2. 1600 :mad: It should be free for those who already have an account it will make my life so much better :cool:
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  3. Word is that it will be discounted for persons who have purchased the PC version. I don't know if that is still going to be upheld, however, as I do not have insider access... :)
  4. My mate said minecraft is soo bad xbox didnt want it I calle him a spoil spot lieing pice if meat and he was wrong :p haha now to wait for the morning to rub it in his face xD
  5. Lol. My birthday is on the 10th :D Getting an iPhone though :mad: Maybe. And I have a ps3. Darn.
  6. PS3 i here add me if you want ;) just say if you want ill give you my name
  7. 10th, so that is 2 months??? OMG come on!
  8. I hope it does :D
  9. Sweet! How will the multiplayer work?
  10. i want it now
  11. For my birthday I am asking for points and I am getting a pet Creeper, MC cape, Creeper head & MC for xbox :D
  12. :) I'm getting it on xbox...
  13. tist tist :( don't grief dude :c I dont have the link for the proper way to appeal bans...so twitch please provide him link? C: or any other staff :D
  14. Will there be a way to access EMC via xbox?
  15. we will have to see if there will be access to servers from the xbox knowing you can connect to xbox live and internet.. hmm possibly =) we won't know until it is released
  16. Nah :)
  17. No problem :)
  18. Wow this thread was smaller than i thought it wwoild (posts)