Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition item duplication glitch

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by KingofKraft13, May 23, 2012.

  1. If anybody wants to try this with me add me GT down below
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  2. I know it already, dispenser dup glitch and then you can make a diamond/iron/gold/lapis block with only 3/9 of the material needed.. i will get on xbox right now
  3. this is a little cheap...
  4. yes yes it is.. I wish it would be patched when they update the xbox version of minecraft.
  5. Im X Tshack, ill add you later :D
  6. i bet they will. i hope they really do hold up on their promise of trying to update it faster then the pc version so both are the same.
  7. yeah... my friend loves tnt.. and he used the dup glitch.. it was honestly fun xD
  8. its cheap but i don't care im just having fun ;)
  9. lol he is throwing a ton of diamonds at me atm I have 2 stacks of diamond blocks on me xD