Minecraft XBLA- looking for players and help

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  1. Hey. I just joined this website after using the PC version of MC for over a year now on my own server.

    I recently purchased the XBLA version and I have been so excited to play on my huge TV. Once I got used to the controls it became pretty fun- my only problem is that I haven't been able to find a single REAL cave. Every time I think I find something, it ends quickly.

    I also have dug down to bedrock 10 times in a stair formation and then up and over several times and cannot for the life of me find diamonds. It's starting to get really frustrating. I've searched all over my map (within a certain radius) and cannot find real caves!!

    I have even found 3 dungeons, which is cool, but they aren't attached to anything and just sort of in the middle of solid mountains, SO weird. Anyone else having a problem like this? (I've also tried loading 4 different games, they're all the same- lots of huge mountains and no caves).

    Aside from that, I'm enjoying the game. I would like to try multiplayer and none of my xbox friends have the game. So if anyone would like to play, that would be cool.

  2. I know a glitch how to duplicate stuff on the xbox 360 like if you have 1 diamond i could get you as much as you want
  3. Thanks, I know the glitch as well and have made some iron and gold but I haven't even found a SINGLE diamond yet... which is what I'm worried about.
  4. You know that you can use your huge TV as a computer screen right?
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  5. Yeah I could, except I have a macbook pro and need a special hdmi cable from apple that I never bothered to buy. And when I used my Dell laptop hooked to the TV, I had a hard time navigating with a keyboard and mouse.

    What does any of this matter? I bought the game for xbox already.
  6. Digg in a straight line 12 blocks above bedrock and you'll find a diamond vein eventually.
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  7. Just get an imac and you wont have to worry about "big tv's" xD
    I love my 27 inch imac <3
  8. You don't HAVE to get it from apple lol. Just google "mini display port to hdmi" and a whole bunch of sites will come up to buy from.
  9. Dude, are you kidding me right now? I already BOUGHT the game for xbox and I am playing it on my TV right now.

    I guess no one has any answers to my actual questions?
  10. Well i have one real answer. As of now on the 360 version, the map is only 1200x1200 blocks (something like that) big. Its not an infinite land like it is on the PC, so you wont be seeing big caves as you do on here.

    I know nothing about the diamonds though. Try what unsquarable mentioned and see what happens.

    But I'm pretty sure its because the map is very tiny. You might have to wait for updates for them to hopefully make the world a lot bigger. Or maybe try a different seed if that's possible.
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  11. Yeah I've been mining the last hour without finding a single diamond. Plenty of gold, iron, red stone, and lapis. I've tried a few different seeds, they all seem to be really similar. I'm kinda bummed.
  12. The xbox version runs on an older minecraft version. ( probably didn't have deep ravines back then)
  13. Don't worry, the game will get better over time as it did on PC. Its pretty much in "beta" stage on the 360 at the moment.
  14. I have been playing minecraft (pc) since a very early beta version and I know that at this point there were ravines. In fact, I am surprised at how many dungeons I've found and no caves! I'm not expecting the deep crazy old mineshaft caves, but something to explore.

    and I just found 4 diamonds, it literally took a week of digging. Thank you! I look forward to the gradual updates and hopefully improved gameplay.