Minecraft Windows 10 beta

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  1. I think there are likely some big misconceptions about what Minecraft 10 beta is and why it even exists. Here is some simple answers for you.

    Q: There is another Minecraft?
    A: For those who don't know, Microsoft owns Mojang and has decided to release a version of Minecraft for the Windows 10 store. It is separate from the standard PC version.

    Q: Why is it different?
    A: The Windows 10 version is coded in a different programming language and rewritten for Windows 10. The best way to describe it is like pocket edition/console edition for Windows.

    Q: Why would they ever make a pocket edition type game for pc?
    A: Microsoft's plan for Windows 10 is to be more than a PC operating system. They will soon be updating Windows phone and the Xbox One to run modified Windows 10. One thing that will carry over is the Windows app store. You will be able to get programs that run on phone, pc, and Xbone from one place. Windows 10 edition is in this store so it will (soon) be available to xbone and phone also. It also happens to be playable on PC and is able to play with pocket editions which is a cool thing for those of us that prefer the pc controls but want to play with friends that can't lug their PC with them.

    Q: What does this mean for the PC version?
    A: Absolutely nothing. You can still play the PC version the exact same way you used to be able to and can still connect to EMC with only the original version. The Windows 10 edition is a beta that Microsoft is making for their own platforms. Some speculation from me is that in the far off future, Microsoft will have dedicated versions for each platform and all will be able to connect with each other. For example, you might be able to play on Mac with a Linux person and someone on their Android phone. Obviously, this is all speculation and won't be happening any time soon.

    Q: Should I get it?
    A: Well, it is completely free for anyone that has bought the original version (if you play on EMC then you have) so there is no reason not to if you are a Windows user. Just log into your Mojang account and click the button near the Windows 10 version. Sign in with your Microsoft account and you have it. If you don't have the original (no idea why you are on this site :p) then I would recommend buying the original first.
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  2. lol no one can sign up here without an actual premium minecraft account anyway :D
  3. ive been playing 10 with my kids because i can play a lan game on my pc or laptop