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  1. As some of you may know, UHC (Ultra Hardcore) is a game type where you don't regen health naturally.

    Upon the game start, all players are teleported to random points a sent distance from the spawn.
    The only way to regen health is by using golden apples and potions.
    A simple change like this really changes the game and makes it more tense.

    I thought we could play this mode with and see how far we can get.

    If you are interested in playing post below and we will start if the numbers are high.

    Note: you will need the latest snapshot in order to play.
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  2. Any interest?
  3. Ill play with ya rainbowchin :) put my name down, but i cant play till 2 hours
  4. I may be able to, it depends on the time.
  5. I'd play once school is done!
  6. I'm interested.
  7. I'll put you all in a PM about it.
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  8. Ok I'd play once done with jail (school)
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  9. I'm sorta interested. I would wait for the 1.6 update though, because me and snapshots... we just don't get along.
  10. The server's up, just ask rainbow for the ip. We need more people to start!
  11. can i come now?
  12. I'm interested, pm me please? :3
  13. yay come play with us :D
  14. Penguin and Nick pm'ed me, I'll be on after dinner (maybe an hour at most).
  15. Oooo I want to play this if it's still possible :p
    I love UHC
  16. We are going to wait for another time when we have more people and theres a scoreboard bug ):
  17. I can put you in the PM.
    Yep, I can display the health fine on the sidebar but once I got killed by that skeleton it caused everyone else to go and crash.
  18. Alright :3
  19. I'd like to play but only when 1.6 comes out... I don't like doing snapshots...
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