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  1. Hey everybody im curious to hear, who will be getting minecraft for Xbox 360 this winter? ^^ I know i will XD

    Hopefully it stays with the many features they have on pc :D
  2. Be prepared for it, Ryukk... It will be faster.
  3. I enjoy EMC way too much to play on the xbox :)
  4. I enjoy games way too much to play on the xbox.
    Or any console, for that matter. Seriously, they're bad nowadays.
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  5. I enjoy EMC way to much, but i would imagine they will have servers still, i could see an EMC server starting for xbox eh? ;)
  6. There is several pc games I use a gamepad for...but minecraft sounds awkward to play with a controller.Also though I own all the hitman games on all the platforms(except x360) they are on,doesn't mean I'd want to do that with other games.
  7. I love xbox more then pc, i can understand xbox :p (i can hear it talk to me shhh) But i like the idea to play with a controller, then again i haven't been playing pc all my life and just that i've played xbox

    But it will be good to see how they intend to produce it on xbox. :D
  8. i saw the trailer, it was... odd?

    i cant wait though, its gonna blow the rip-off games like fortresscraft, castleminer, and totalminer, etc. away!
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  9. Lol, Dont understand playing with a controller. I have a rig set up so i can use an xbox controller for my pc, and i use the little keypad thingy, i rarely do this though :)
  10. Well you can plug in your mouse and keyboard to the xbox aswell... so if you cant play without your keyboard ect plug it in :pP
  11. The only reason I will be getting it for the xbox 360 is so I don't lag when I play :p
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  12. Yeah I've played those, no offense, but they are copies and they SUCK
  13. i know, i hate them
  14. And why wouldn't they bring mobs ect? The console can handle everything in Minecraft so i shouldn't see why not. Guess we shall see this winter ^^
  15. Minecraft isn't very well optimized.Which could give the console some bad bad bad lag issues.
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  16. Well it should be the same, as the game itself shouldn't have many more updates..... hopefully
  17. A normal computer's specs are much higher then a console though.
  18. The 360 version of Minecraft is not being coded by Mojang, so it is likely that it will function quite well. :)
    I am interested enough in this version to purchase and play it, when the price comes down... I am a cheap bastard, I know. ;)
    However, not much is known about this version, so leave the rumors alone. The true information will be provided when it is ready.
    Reading the Wiki will help alleviate most of this as well...
    "Notch has confirmed that he will be the game designer on the Xbox Edition... ...but will not be involved in programming... ...team developing the game would be 4J Studios."
    "This version of the game will be similar to the PC version,[7] but will also have exclusive features"
    "Beta buyers of Minecraft PC will get a 25% discount of the full game of Minecraft Xbox 360."
    "The Xbox Edition's online play will be compatible with the PC's online servers..."
    "4J Studios has confirmed that as of now, it has all the features of the PC minecraft version prior to Beta 1.8 due to the absence of a hunger bar and pistons, it is unconfirmed whether they are working on adding 1.8 features or not."

    So, I do not see why anyone would believe that there will be no mobs, flying or creative only gameplay...
    Don't come here and perpetrate false information based on unnamed "friends with 'access' to early releases" as it only makes you look like an uniformed jerk.
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  19. Twitch, my hero <3 lmao. Aswell as the game itself is pretty small. So i couldn't see why they couldn't add everything, but thank you for clearing it up alittle.
  20. 1.3 FTW!!!!!!