Minecraft TF2 Dustbowl

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  1. Okay, here goes..

    Aha! Yes, another one of these. :)
    Some of you may remember this event, it was reasonably successful (okay it wasn't :p)
    But anyway, time for another! Again by Hypixel.

    There will be no defined teams or days for this,
    I will just announce when I plan to host a game or two a couple of hours before on this thread,
    and we will go from there.
  2. Woah, I could NEVER make this... I doubt 1% of people could.
    I love this server.
  3. I'll join. Last time I didn't do anything because I missed the first due to the time, the second I missed due to the walking dead being on :p
  4. Well, I'm just hosting it, I like hosting maps like this for EMC people to play on :)
    And all that is done with no Mods at all.
  5. Where is it on?
    Your server?
  6. Yes
  7. Okay guys, for those who are interested here, (and any others)
    I'm going to be hosting one at 10:00 GMT tonight.
  8. Mpf Mppf Mpf Mppf Mpf Mppff Mpff Mpff!
    (I must at least try to make it!)
  9. *Stops drinking tea for a excuse to stay up*
    Count me in.
  10. I'll get a PM set up with the IP, although numbers are low.
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  11. What time is that for EST time
  12. Next 5 minutes xD
  13. About 5 minutes lol, I'll add you to the PM.
  14. Although we probably wont start exactly on time.
  15. Bump for more players, were starting soon.
  16. We better, I have to go to bed at 20 past :p
  17. Dang, that's cutting it fine, but I don't want to cancel.