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  1. Hi everyone!

    I have been busy for quite a while now on a new project that I am going to share with everyone here first before I share it with everyone on PlanetMinecraft.

    The Minecraft Texture Generator is a free tool that generates Minecraft 16x16 texture packs based on what you select as your favourite texture for each block. This is different to other similar tools because the textures are not my own work, I do not claim them as my own work, I have carefully selected a wide range of texture packs that allow me to redistribute them as long as I give them credit (look at the bottom of every page on the site).

    This project is currently in beta because there is a lot more planned and I just want to see what everyone thinks to it and what people want me to add.

    You can visit the site here: http://www.texturegen.tk/

  2. Looks awesome,Great job man!
  3. Thanks. :)
  4. Awesome man! :D
    I think you should add the option to just a random generator that chooses the texture pack randomly! :D
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  5. Yeah that sounds like a good idea. I might do that. :)
  6. Who's tried this out then?
  7. Very good work, but I think you should allow people to 'group' certain types of blocks to one group, for example, allow someone to pick a certain texture pack for all the ores; coal, iron, gold, diamond, redstone ect.

    You also need to group everything, you have objects that don't relate to eachother after eachother, these confuse others and it also makes the page not look very tidy.

    One other thing, add the names of the object, society these days don't like examining the small images to find out what it is, a quick flash of what it's called will do the job.
  8. I like the idea of grouping, I will experiment a bit offline and see what looks good. :)
    As for showing the block name, that is a planned feature that I will try role out sometime next week.
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  9. I'll check it out. Sounds cool!
  10. it needs defined awesome pack i diden't see it
  11. it needs sphaxbdcraft, but other than that, awesome! :D
  12. I did look into that pack but the author has disallowed anyone to redistribute it. :(
  13. News: I've updated the original grass texture because it was a bit grainy before. :)
  14. This is so cool!
  15. Thanks! :)
  16. Looks really good! I will have to check it out sometime!
  17. I'm checking it right now!
  18. I can't click anything on the website? :S