Minecraft T-Shirt contest help

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  1. Hello,
    I'm sure every has seen/heard about the J!NX Minecraft contest. I was thinking about entering when I realized I had no idea on what J!NX wanted. I was hoping someone could understand what they want for you to submit.
    I am mostly confused about what you do with the submission kit.


  2. Is everyone as clueless as I am?
  3. It needs to be of a Ghast, Squid, Wolf, Enderdragon, Ocelot, Blaze, Sheep, Iron Golem, or Mooshroom.

    u will also need a semi professional image editing software e.g. Photoshop, fireworks etc. Because they want original editing layers, if it's one layer, then you are good.

    They also list the dimensions on the page of what they want. One 72ppi for the web submission. Then a 300ppi ready if you win. They have a submission form. The instructions seem pretty clear to me, what was confusing to you exactly?
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  4. What I do with the submission kit.

    I have a picture and everything, but how do you do the dpi?
  5. Most programs have it under parameters for the project you are working on. I am not at a computer right now to make a good walkthrough.. but when all else fails, use the good ol Google.
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  6. Could you do that? It'd would be awesome!
    I can't trust google like I can trust you. But, I see your point.
  7. I just don't know what they what with the submission kit.
  8. Can anyone help please?! :)
  9. So should I keep the layers or not?