Minecraft Spawner Setup

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  1. Hi, this is a business that really isn't all that original but cheap and i do offer pre-made ones on smp9
    Well i guess you could already tell what this buisnness is buy tittle. Here is some setup offer
    SMP9 does not have traveling fee
    smp 1- 8 do Utopia, sorry I'm not paying $ 20 a month
    Skeleton- 500r
    Zombie- 500r

    this will take me for ever so only one order per person if you wanna join the buisness all aplications will be accepted (unless your brother is a creeper:D) pm me the aplication to join just ask and ill start giving you jobs
    The aplication for making a spawner should be this

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  2. If you say the coords in the forums, will that show to other people to grief? I'd say to do the corods in PM ;)
  3. thx for the tip
  4. No problem kind sir :cool:
  5. Not many people will use your service due to the fact you can't use /map hide
  6. true
  7. right im planning on getting a supporter upgrade later