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  1. I've started up my LP again, was wondering if you guys might want to check it out, and leave some feedback please in the comments on the video, if you want to help me grow leave a like and maybe sub? I'll post all new episodes on this thread

    There may be vulgar language included in the videos, please do not watch if it will offend you, however it is very minimal and I try to avoid using it :)
    Episode 1:

    Episode 2:

    Episode 3:

    Episode 4:

    Episode 5:

  2. you could use the flint to make flint and steel and burn a forest down :p
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  3. Do you want to see that? :p
  4. Episode #2 is out, can you guys tell me how I can fix this lag I got, dont know what is up with it lol havent had it before 1.6.2

    Episode 2:

  5. How many g's of ram does your computer have? Hit edit profile, (can't remember what it's called, should say -Xmx1G- change that to -Xmx(half of however much ram your computer has)G-
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  6. Thought about doing that I'll throw it in and see how much 8G's do :p
  7. Wow. My 2002 Mac only lets me give 2g's to minecraft. :p
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  8. Episode #3 is out, I'm alive guys lol.
  9. They are really good! Definitely a sub and a like! What's the channel called?
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  10. www.youtube.com/MiarcBros

    Rendering an episode now, should be out later tonight :D
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  11. Episode 4 is being uploaded now :D
  12. Got sidetracked abit but here is Episode 4!
  13. One recommendation I can make is a YouTube intro... I'm not good at graphics or anything, but it's an idea
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  14. I have one, but I don't feel that I should really use it that much personally since I like my own intro lol... I'll add it to the next episode should be probably tuesday :)
  15. Episode 5 is out, we went to the nether! :D

  16. What do you guys want to see in this series?
  17. im on a mac too, i actualy like it (now that im used to it). and speaking of singleplayer im on day 7 i belive, and next im going for diamonds and i didnt spawn anything at all and a twist is that there is only pigs and sheep soooo i went from no leather to iron armor.
  18. It's really starting to annoy me that you have no roof (sounds weird, but true) so maybe put on a roof or make you house into some kind of watchtower. Some redstone would be cool to though.
  19. Episode number 6 is here guys, sorry for the large gap in episodes been very busy with life and such.. I can no longer add episodes to the main post so they are going to be with each new reply.

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  20. These are really good, keep it up! :D