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    Please read all of this and see if you can help.

    I've decided to play with the previous updates along with the new updates. But when I went back to 1.8.8 I saw that something was wrong. My world looked like the old minecraft. I thought it was a simple update problem and restarted MC. But it didn't work. All servers and all worlds I had were strange. The shades and colorings were that of the old minecraft.

    I decided to research it. Nope, nothing on google
    I then tried talking about it on different servers. Nope, no one knows.

    But some people said it could be my optifine and that outdated. Nope, it's 1.8.8.
    Someone said that it can be my Graphics Card. If it is my Graphics Card then that means that it's my computer. But it all started when I was experimenting with the updates when it happened.

    PLEASE HELP ME and tell me how I can change it back to it's original shading and colors.

    Here's some pictures to give you better information.

  2. I would just try deleting the main game folder and re-downloading it.
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    Note: You will lose your world saves and screenshots as well as your server list! Back it up first!
  3. Note if you do that you lose your screenshots, so you may want to save those elsewhere first.
  4. It's your graphics settings, when in older versions of Minecraft certain settings aren't there and they're set to "Off" when updating. I'd just screw around with those settings
  5. It simply just looks like you have smooth lighting disabled. Don't do this:
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  6. heh heh, guys. I figured out this problem long time ago. :3