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  1. Hello everyone. I want to make a server for me and my frieands pluas anyone else but i cant make one without port-forwarding or hamachi. what should i do? i dont want to use hamachi or port-forward/
  2. There are a lot of hosting websites, which host minecraft servers.
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  3. If you can't use port forwarding, you're limited to Dreamy's option, but that will cost (significant) amounts of money.

    I know an awseome server you and your friends could play on......
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  4. No advertising, just in case. :)
  5. Just make sure you don't advertise your server here :)

    If you want to host the server on your computer try Googling for it, there are like thousands of tutorials. However why not have your friends play here ;)
  6. well i have searched the web and nothing seems to come up. would it be better to make a website that can host a server?
    what website maker do you recommend for me? the problem is that my friend wants to play empire or on my server but he wont buy minecraft. thats a problem because if i make a website that hosts my server then he cant come on. what should i do?
  7. thornbury if u want to tell me a good server start a private conversation.
  8. my friend wont buy minecraft so thats a problem. ive tried begging him though :cool:
  9. I know they said no advertising, but I think I'll do it anyway. Shhhhhhhhhhhh

    Just click on this:
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  10. You can advertise OUR server :)
  11. I play on a tekkit server with a few friends, I should advertise it here. Seeing how EMC doesn't do tekkit. :p