Minecraft Servers down?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Inuyasha1204, Nov 8, 2013.

  1. Well, it seems that the Minecraft server stuff is down... :/

    Its giving me that really long HTMI code, or telling me that my username is unverified.
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  2. im getting that too, im not sure...
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  4. I think the servers are down.

    I just got a text that the skin servers are down also
  5. Thank you ninja, i was just going to look for that. Thanks mate for saving me some time!
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  6. uhg was planning on playing EMC guess not now
  7. Well

    The server thing said it was back up, i tried to connect. Then its down again.
  8. Ive been trying for quite a while to get in, no change, mojang really needs to prevent something here!
  9. Well, seems like their website is now down also...
  10. I cant connect either... for yall interested... heres my screen :p javaw 2013-11-08 16-13-59-502.jpg
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  11. it doesnt seem to be mojang, my friend in the UK has mc and his servers are working fine