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  1. I'm having problems getting on servers not just this one but others too, but look like I can get on to EMC UHC. I noticed this happening since yesterday and I'm using 1.8 version. :confused:

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  2. I think it's your network's firewall. Check if you can play on another network
  3. I can get on with a other pc on the same network, maybe it's this pc firewall....
  4. Yep, it's this pc firewall. few days ago I've change stuff on the firewall and that what made me not going to most servers. Thanks for talking about a firewall. :)
  5. That's also possible. Did you recently install a firewall/antivirus program?

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  6. No, I started a personal server for me and my brother since this pc is strong enough to run and play on a server. I realized that my brother could not get on with a other pc on a same network so that's when I change stuff on the firewall to make it work but it did not work. So soon we will pay a personal server for me and close family and friends on Apex.